205 Live results: May 28, 2021: Sterling prevails against Nese in back-and-forth melee


Asher Hale, def. Tony Nese through the show

After a 14-year journey, Asher Hale is working hard to finally reach his goal of getting into the WWE, as evidenced by his stunning submission win over former heavyweight champion Tony Nese.

The athlete prime minister went out of his way to taunt the rookie every time he got the chance, and he seemed to be on the verge of winning when he punched the tattoo-laden contestant with a brutal back elbow and a hard slap in the face.

Hale, however, got the better of the back and forth exchange, hit Nese with a blow to the head and forced him to knock on the Captain’s Hook.

Ari Sterling, def. Aria Daivari

It was a tough night for the self-proclaimed 205 Live OG, as Aria Daivari suffered the same fate as his partner Nese, losing to another rookie, Ari Sterling.

Perhaps in an attempt to ground the highflyer, the Persian Lion took over, viciously attacking Sterling’s left knee and throwing him face first into the plexiglass by the ring.

Although his knee slowed his attack from time to time, Sterling struck his first hard blow with a top rope hurricane and earned the victory by flying through the air and connecting with Spiral Tap.


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