5 Cost-Effective Tactics to Increase Engagement in 2022

Are you trying to scale your business growth? Need help fine-tuning your marketing campaigns for social media? Can’t decide on the most economical and effective methods of getting the most out of your marketing efforts?

Here’s the good news…

2022 is the perfect time to make it happen. 

Customer expectations and priorities have shifted, and once taken for granted tactics have become obsolete. But the good news is that plenty of new avenues have opened up for marketers to take advantage of 

The modern corporate industry relies heavily on digital solutions to find their target audience among the almost 5 billion potential customers looking for exactly what your business offers.

A recent study by Gartner revealed that many businesses reduced their marketing budgets due to the changing economic conditions. Moreover, 2021 recorded the lowest level of advertising budget, dropping to just 6% of the business’ revenue. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about how a brand communicates with its target audience and nurtures its growth. Ultimately, a stronger brand message results in an enhanced and stronger brand, and this is all possible by taking advantage of these 5 cost-effective marketing strategies. 

  • Blogging

Organizations then want to surpass their competitors and keep their edge by maintaining a blog of their own. Moreover, almost 410 million individuals view 20 billion blog pages every single month. Not only this, WordPress users publish nearly 70 million posts every month – all these facts are shocking and show where your audience is active. 

It’s the best way to drive traffic and draw attention to your brand – blogging – enables marketers to redirect the traffic toward their business site.

Create a blog if you haven’t yet to capitalize on current marketing trends. Not to forget, to increase your blog’s impact and attract more audience, include relevant images. Nowadays, the internet is overflowing with countless free and paid online poster maker tools that can help you create eye-catching and appealing images for your blog. To help you get started, a straightforward design tool is PosterMyWall, and it can simplify and streamline your image creation process for blogging. 

  • Social Media Channels

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is among the most popular modern marketing tools committed to revolutionizing how brands increase their reach, build value and enhance digital presence. After all, more than half of the world is now present on social media.

Social media comprises diverse channels like TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Bear in mind that social media platforms work better with media (images, videos, emoji, GIFs, and more). 

After all, images have the power to communicate what words cannot, hence, it’s essential to use the best social media graphics templates and tools. They help marketers create engaging media having the power to attract the audience and compel them to share. 

  • Email Marketing

It’s been around since the advent of the internet itself. And despite its age, it still effectively converts leads into buyers. 

Additionally, marketers love email because it’s quite economical, allowing brands to create personalized relationships with their audience and keep them engaged for longer, creating loyal customers. It also helps establish trust for the brand, but it works great only when you follow best practices and keep a consistent tone. 

The marketing newsletter must have a customized but theme-appropriate template to remind subscribers about the brand and captivate them to take the desired action. Indeed many of us struggle to find a reliable online platform for creating tailored yet professional newsletters, allowing businesses to take their newsletter up a notch. PosterMyWall offers fully customizable newsletter templates that enable you to create a beautiful newsletter in no time.   

  • Cross promotions

It’s a relatively new technique that is quite effective in increasing audience engagement and creating an edge for your products or services. Companies of similar nature join hands to complement each other and cross-promote each other’s products. It’s a helping hand that promotes your brand’s product among their target audience, and in return, you gladly do the same. 

  • Micro-Influence Power

Social media fatigue is a reality, and it seems like almost everyone is an influencer of some sort. This has led to a crisis where the audience has lost trust in social media’s biggest influencer and has become more cautious when choosing which influencer-led endorsements to indulge in.

All this has opened doors for micro-power influencers, and over the last few years, this field has recorded an increase of an average of 130%. Remember that your brand identity is closely tied with the influencer, so spend time selecting an influencer that best aligns with your business goals and avoid controversies in the long run.  

Is Your Marketing Strategy Sorted Out For 2022?

This comprehensive guide demonstrates numerous modern yet cost-effective marketing strategies that are sure to create a buzz in the online world. Having said that, putting it together doesn’t need to be a drag – all you need is to choose the suitable marketing tactic and make the most out of it.

If you have already set actionable objectives for each of the above stated marketing tactics, then you are already way ahead of the game.  

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