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5 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Check Out



5 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Check Out

We all need entertainment in our lives. Of all the things happening around us, the last thing we need to do is to fork out hundreds of dollars on a streaming subscription service to put us into more debt. That’s why free movie streaming sites exist.

These sites allow us to watch our favorite movies and shows without spending a single dollar. Luckily for you, there are tons of free streaming services around. Some aren’t great, but others are excellent. Even better, if you want to watch your streams on your big screen TV, look into getting a Firestick and jailbreak it.

In this article, we will focus on the latter. So here are the five free movie streaming services to check out.

AZ Movies

When checking out free streaming services, reliability is an important factor to consider. AZ Movies is a well-known name on this part of the internet. Not only is AZ Movies a service that boasts an excellent collection of titles, but it’s free! You can watch movies in HD or UHD.

But with that said, these websites still need to make money. So one bad thing about AZ movies is the annoying ads. That doesn’t seem to be a huge issue for users, as AZ Movies has more than 600,000 visitors each month. With an easy-to-navigate user interface and long-standing trust in the streaming community, AZ Movies is one of the best sites to check out.

Solar Movie

Solar Movie doesn’t have as big of a reputation as AZ Movie. The reason why is simple. Solar Movie is a relatively new streaming website. But that doesn’t make it bad in any way. Quite the opposite, even though Solar Movie is a new player, it is quickly gaining a lot of popularity.

One of the standout features of the website is its user-friendly interface. Users will have no trouble getting around the website and finding their favorite movies and shows. More so, the website streams in HD and UHD. The website has a near-the-same amount of movies and shows as AZ Movies, which makes it a worthy competitor.

You can stream movies and shows through your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, or PC. You get all that for the cost of $0! One more thing to point out is that you don’t need to create an account with Solar Movies.


123Movies is one of the very first free streaming websites to exist. Over the years, 123Movies has gone through plenty of changes. Not only is 123Movies still reliable, but it also boasts impressive user numbers. According to SimilarWeb, a website analytics tool, 123Movies has 277,000 monthly visitors. This helps vouch for the validity of the service and its long-standing positive relationship with the community.

On 123Movies, you can watch anything you like. From movies and TV series, search for your favorite title using the convenient search tool that is placed right in the center of the website. The simple layout is still the same, and you can stream titles in HD and UHD. The ads can be annoying, but it’s well worth the free content the service is providing you.


The growing demand for free content is why M4uHD exists. This website is one of the most popular streaming sites ever. If we look at the analytics from SimilarWeb, M4uHD has more than 8 million total visitors.

The most impressive thing about M4uHD is that you can stream any movie or show you want. To help users with the selection process, M4uHD conveniently displays the IMDB rating of the movie or show and a short description.

The website streams in HD and UHD, and you can even watch Anime. The search feature is accompanied by a filter system that helps you decide what to watch. With tons of other features, check out this M4uHD review to know more about the service itself.

Movies Joy

Yet another new website to check out, Movies Joy features an excellent library of movies and shows. One standout feature of the website is the “Top IMDB” section, where the website gives you the highest-rated IMDB titles to watch. This is an excellent tool for those who aren’t that big into movies and want to watch the classics.

Every movie and show is available in HD and UHD. The simple and user-friendly interface will even allow your dad quick access to his favorite movies and shows. With that said, the website has ads, and it might annoy some of you. But every website on this list has ads, so that shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing between the five websites we’ve listed.

Finishing Thoughts

Free movie streaming sites are convenient and give us instantaneous access to content. But with so many websites out there, it’s difficult to choose a reliable and safe service. That’s why you should be using this list, as the websites are not only safe but have a long-standing relationship in the industry.

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