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9 Must-have Features for an eCommerce Website



9 Must-have Features for an eCommerce Website

Many fledgling businesses nowadays may benefit significantly from eCommerce because of its reach and opportunity. Everyone is catching on to this ever-expanding trend. As the market heats up, more and more eCommerce businesses are coming up with innovative ways to stand out and draw in customers. It doesn’t matter how creative or appealing your website is; if it doesn’t include today’s essential features, it will fail miserably.

This blog highlights the top 9 functionalities required to expose your brand to a highly competitive environment and enhance conversion rates in 2022:

1 Responsive Website Design

Consumers increasingly use their mobile devices to purchase online and engage with companies. It’s critical to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and adaptable for all devices so visitors can quickly purchase things from the comfort of their screens.

As a result of the worldwide epidemic, many B2B firms have embraced mobile websites, with 80% of B2B buyers currently utilizing a mobile device to purchase goods. In recent years, the production of custom-branded applications has also risen, paving the way for enhancing the online consumer journey.

What can you do to ensure that your website is optimized for smartphones and tablets? Do a mobile-friendly check to ensure it appears well on all devices and has dynamic content that can adjust to changing screen sizes and layouts. You can use drag-and-drop website builders and even eCommerce website themes from MoreCustomersApp to make your website more user-friendly.

2 Navigation Made Simple

Most visitors to a new website immediately focus on the site’s navigation when they land on the page. As per the 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark Report, the average time spent on a page across all industries is only 54 seconds. After that, one’s ability to pay attention decreases. If you want to make it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for, make your navigation as simple as possible.

Eye-tracking study indicates that consumers spend 80% of their reading time on the left side of your website and just 20% on the right side; thus, to optimize your audience’s attention, focus mostly on the left side of your website.

To further improve your eCommerce Website Design, you should consider making your menus vertical instead of horizontal. As a result, it’s much simpler to switch to a mobile-responsive design and make it easy for both new and returning users to browse your website.

3 Order Management System

When your business cannot handle its clients and orders properly, no amount of free stuff will be able to keep customers coming back. With the right order management system, you can ensure that all of your post-order procedures go as smoothly as possible, making it imperative that you have one in place. Customer satisfaction is a direct result of a well-managed system.

4 Checkout and Cart Button

Optimizing the shopping cart on your eCommerce Website can help you achieve your primary objective of increasing income. Consumers anticipate various services while buying online, including the ability to preview their items before making a purchase, fast and easy checkout, and secure payment alternatives.

A poor customer experience can significantly impact the likelihood that your customers will buy from you. Following these best practices can help you keep your clients loyal to your company:

  • Add tags to your items – This allows buyers to examine the product’s specifications before purchasing. Providing customers with the chance to see product features such as the size, color, and model will assist them in avoiding placing an order they do not want to.
  • Optimize product names and descriptions – Ensure that the product name frequently appears in the product description by using SEO-related keywords in the headers. Make the product name relevant, employ audience-friendly terminology, and pay close attention to every detail.
  • Multiple checkout buttons should be shown – By scattering your checkout buttons around your website, you make sure that everyone who visits your site will be able to see them. Your conversion rate will rise if it’s easy to locate and visible to your target audience.

5 Various Payment Options

When it comes to online ordering, every client is unique and has their own set of preferences. As a result, you must give each of them the functionalities that best meet their needs.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that customers prefer to abandon the cart when they are presented with an unsupportable payment choice. Even after deploying a strong marketing approach and a novel company concept, this might significantly impact conversion rates.

Therefore it is essential to keep up with the latest payment technologies and adopt as many as possible payment gateways so that customers can make purchases as quickly and seamlessly.

6 High-Quality Photos and Videos

A product’s attractiveness plays a crucial role in its ability to be sold on a virtual platform. eCommerce retailers must keep in mind that there is no opportunity for the buyer to touch and test the thing they are offering before making a purchase.

The only thing they need to interact with potential customers is an image and a brief description of the item. As a result, high-quality photographs and videos of the goods are essential, as everything sold online is based on its appearance alone.

7 Security

A considerable portion of personal information is at risk when a customer registers and completes a purchase on your website. That’s why the safety and privacy of online shoppers must be a top priority when Designing an eCommerce Website.

Ensure that you adhere to the most stringent encryption standards and security procedures to safeguard your clients’ information. The fact that eCommerce websites are the most susceptible to attack makes data security even more crucial.

8 Feedback and Reviews

According to research, 82% of shoppers look at reviews and ratings from other customers before making a purchase. As a direct result of this, your website or mobile application must have an area for consumer feedback.

When a customer leaves a negative review, most e-commerce websites begin to tremble. It’s important to realize that negative feedback is just as important as positive input.

9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As long as you have a good name and a strong online presence, your product will sell itself. SEO is essential for new eCommerce merchants since it is the only way to increase your website’s search engine rankings, drawing more clients. Conversion rates may be boosted significantly by employing well-planned SEO methods.


Your company may benefit immensely from a well-optimized eCommerce website. eCommerce Website Development characteristics like those listed above are essential for any online store, regardless of the industry in which you operate. The top eCommerce functionalities highlighted are not restricted to the list above; you may add other components based on your business’s needs, budget, and scope. If you are also looking for the Best eCommerce Website Builder, then you are at the right place. MoreCustomersApp is the Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Ahmedabad, India. We being a leading eCommerce web design company, have a huge portfolio of creating e-commerce/online shopping portals.

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