Animated explainer videos : how much it cost?

Animated explainer video pricing for 2D or 3D frequently need a tailored strategy. Graphic video style, kind, and duration are the most essential factors in determining the cost of a project. Still, you’ll only have a general concept of what the finished product will look like. The ultimate amount is decided when the script has been written and agreed upon. As a consequence, misunderstandings and a false sense of mystery may be created. Another example of this is the client’s notion that animation is beyond their grasp.

This page explains how much an animation video costs, how it is made, and how to get the greatest bargain on one. Animated films go through a number of phases from conception and storyboarding through animation and post-production. Let’s take a deeper look. In the minds of many, animation is expensive.

Animations of many kinds

The first consideration when buying an animated film is whether it will be in 2D or 3D. Flat images, rather than three-dimensional ones, provide a number of benefits. In other cases, such as a creative concept or the need to paint characters, the job may be hindered by extra factors. 2D graphics will cost an order of magnitude more than 3D ones in this situation.

To put it another way:

The video’s objectives influence the animation style that is used. Doodle videos are ideal for educational videos or complex instructions; screencasts are ideal for demonstrating the operation of an online service or application; and CGI graphics will beautifully show all of the product’s features from start to finish in animation in isometry. Three-dimensional graphics can be used to combine the previous two styles. It’s only a small selection of the most popular designs. The list might be longer, and the names could be different for different production studios since they are more internal. However, the concept remains the same.

Time-based video animation

Animation costs more because of the amount of time it takes to produce. A common misconception is that the length of a video is directly related to its price. This is true for the first 30-40 seconds. Even if a 50% difference appears reasonable, the price difference between 30- and 60-second flicks is just 30%. In fact, the creation of pictures and the animation of those images takes up a significant portion of the time and financial resources allocated to creating a film. Rather of estimating the cost of a single second or minute, production studios typically estimate the whole cost of a project.

What is the cost of animation?

  • Simple 2D video from $299
  • Complex 2D movie from $399
  • Simple 3D video from $499
  • Complex 3D video from $599

Script creation costs

An animated video may be ordered using a screenplay provided by the customer. A production studio will design and present a variety of several ideas, taking current trends into consideration, and then write the screenplay.

Then a storyboard or animatic. Animated sketches of the upcoming video are developed. Visualization is required to make early script adjustments. Significant alterations in the final graphics stage will incur extra charges for the customer.

The customer reviews each iteration and makes changes before the graphic designer begins work. As a rule, the client will be able to make only two simple edits to the finished video without additional costs – such conditions are prescribed in the contract.

Graphics Development Costs

Once the concept, script, storyboard, and/or animatic are agreed upon, the designer then proceeds to create the graphics. The style and color scheme are being worked out, static elements are being created.

If the script includes a unique character, a separate artist is involved to create it. He develops the skeleton of the future hero, appearance and facial expressions.

Graphics animation costs

Creating graphics and animating them are two separate processes, although they seem similar. Here, graphic elements are embedded in the timekeeping and set actions for them. The cost will depend on the dynamics and nature of the animation, as well as its complexity.

The most time-consuming is the animation of a unique character. It is necessary to think over for him every movement and gestures. Sometimes detailing the appearance of the hero is required.

Cost of voice acting and sound design

An animated video would be incomplete without a voiceover or soundtrack. Each of the elements of voice acting and sound design, like a toggle switch, adjusts the tone, brightness and contrast of the message that is embedded in the video.

The choice of announcer often depends on the preferences of the client. The tone of voice, manner of speech and speed of speaking affects the perception of the video by the viewer. You can find both a simpler announcer and a well-known voice from a TV channel or your favorite radio station.

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