Huawei p50 pocket Buying Guide


The concept of ​​the primary generations of foldable smartphones changed into to provide each a normal-sized smartphone and a pill show collectively in a single device, which brings some of advantages, particularly whilst eating movies and productivity (all that and plenty greater are you able to in our evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 read).

However, this kind of idea additionally has disadvantages, together with the large dimensions and heavy weight. Samsung and Motorola have been additionally privy to all this, that is why they supplied their first turn smartphones on the give up of 2019 and starting of 2020.

Respectively, which will be made smaller with an easy folding procedure and for this reason match in any trouser pocket. Huawei has additionally been providing a turn smartphone for over a month now that is referred to as the Huawei P50 Pocket.


The Huawei P50 Pocket comes with an employer patented hinge mechanism, and no folding hole whilst closed. It has a 6.nine-inch 120Hz OLED foremost display screen with a 21/9 thing ratio and a decision of 2790 x 1188 pixels. There is a punch-hollow cut out at the pinnacle of the smartphone in which the selfie digital camera resides.

That’s why there’s no surprise Huawei hopped in with a clamshell smartphone to in shape Samsung as soon as greater, which regarded to be unchallenged within side the category. The P50 Pocket is the Chinese employer’s fourth try at a foldable smartphone, albeit at a clamshell layout. Away from the X-collection that opponents the likes of the Galaxy Fold.

Folding Mechanism:

The folding mechanism works excellently without traumatic noises and universal folding is a touch greater amusing than with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, for the reason that Flip3 is slightly “difficult” to open and close.

However, this additionally makes Samsung’s hinge experience a chunk greater stable, this means that that the mechanism holds up without difficulty at nearly all angles.

That wasn’t absolutely the case with the P50 Pocket on the primary day of trying out, however from the second one day of trying out on the ultra-modern the mechanism held up exceedingly nicely and in lots of exceptional angles.

Nevertheless, even after some days of use, it nevertheless takes place sometimes that the mechanism does now no longer preserve flawlessly at each angle.


The decision is 340 x 340 pixels, which brings us to a first rate 328 pixels in line with inch. On pinnacle of that, the panel helps a 60 Hertz refresh price, this means that that 60 frames may be displayed in a single second. A better refresh price of ninety or maybe one hundred twenty Hertz could now no longer have made feel with this kind of small show.

Operating System:

Somewhat surprisingly, model 12 of the EMUI software program is used in place of the in-residence working gadget Harmony OS. That too P50 Pro comes with EMUI in Europe, handiest in China it’s far brought with Harmony OS. To be fair, however, one have to additionally say that the variations among EMUI 12 and Harmony OS are very limited.


The Huawei p50 Pocket is an exceptional and interesting smartphone, which I had been the usage of loads within side the beyond few weeks and feature given some human beings a hand with.

The reactions have been basically one-sided, due to the fact that everybody changed into extraordinarily obsessed with the layout and the idea and did not need to position it down so quickly. It’s simply something absolutely new again, that is extraordinarily amusing to use.

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