Different Features One Can Observe From TikTok

TikTok is a popular live-streaming app for smartphones and tablets, which allows the user to watch videos of different people, many of whom have millions of followers. Unlike other live-streaming apps like Facebook Live and Instagram Live, the app doesn’t require users to register with a name or provide their personal information in order to use it. This guide will take a closer look at the different features that one can observe from TikTok.

Many choose TikTok because of its low competition; others are drawn in by its easy-to-use interface and interactive features such as drawing digital lines on videos with your finger or writing messages on video walls.

Features One Should Know

Good privacy policy:

Before one chooses to download the app, it is important to study the privacy policy of the app and read it thoroughly. It is also important to read through the license agreement before downloading the app. If a user has any doubts about whether or not they are allowed to use any of its features, they should re-read the terms and conditions thoroughly and make sure that they understand it.

Drawing digital lines on videos:

One can draw, add text and doodle on videos in TikTok and can even buy TikTok likes. With this feature, one doesn’t only have the ability to share short videos but they are also able to accomplish more when it comes to posting graphically visual content.

Adding filters and using other apps:

You can apply different filters on your video and photos in TikTok. Based on what you like, there will be a wide variety of different filters for your convenience. One can connect the app with other apps. So, for instance, if you want to add a video from another app like Snapchat or Instagram to your TikTok story, then you can do it.

Tagging people in videos:

This is one of the features that makes TikTok so appealing; you are able to tag friends’ videos and make them appear on your feed even if they have not uploaded their own video yet. One can also use this feature when sharing photos and videos on the app or through its messenger service.


Although there are some features that may violate the law, if users go through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully, they will be able to avoid any potential problems. What should be clear is that one needs to read the terms carefully before they sign up or start using the app in order to avoid any issues in the future.

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