Coffey and Brown to throw down, Valkyrie to tangle with Jinny on NXT UK


In the NXT UK must-watch, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown will reignite their rivalry in a lawless fight, Aoife Valkyrie gets a piece of Ginny in the match without suspension, while Joseph Conners is locked in a cage, and Oliver Carter and Kenny Williams face off in the quarterfinals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Number One Contenders Tournament.

Despite all their differences, Coffey and Brown are actually very similar: they both prefer fistfights over mat fights, each on the brink of beating the NXT UK title from the then WALTER champion in a pair of hand-to-hand fights that weren’t for the weak. hearts, and none of them have the desire to settle scores with a school pin.

Thus, the two fighters will match the punch and ingenuity in an environment where victory can only be achieved by knockout or submission.

Brown won their first singles match in February, but Coffey evened the score after outlasting his opponent in June. What happens when these two collide in a terrible rubber fight?

Additionally, Valkyrie will face Ginny again, who received an assist from Conners and won their first meeting last month.


And while Ginny and Conners have developed a habit of looking down on anyone who crosses their path, Fashionista is probably used to the support Conners usually provides.

When no one gets in her way, is Valkyrie willing to pay the price for her lawless battle with Ginny?

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