WWE celebrates nWo Week


July 7, 1996 Hulk Hogan uncorked Leg Drop, heard all over the world on “Macho” Randy Savagejoined forces with Scott Hall as well as Kevin Nash, and announced the creation New world order.

With this, the world of sports and entertainment will never be the same again.

To celebrate nWo’s 25th Anniversary, join the WWE in celebrating nWo Week starting Monday.

Holidays of the week include The best of nWo (Tuesday) highlighting the group’s most memorable moments; X-Pac on the Wwe the bump (Wednesday); and a new release “Stone Cold” by Steve Austinfrom Broken Skull Sessions (Sunday) featuring nWo co-founder Kevin Nash as Austin’s guest. All three shows will be broadcast Peacock in the USA and on WWE network elsewhere.

The celebration continues on WWE social media, featuring nWo episodes of your favorite YouTube series, such as WWE Top 10 and WWE Playlist, as well as Instagram stories, TikToks, classic videos, photos and more.

It’s too cute.


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