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The Lyon scene is arguably the most animated and entertaining in France (behind Paris) with a bunch of bars, nightclubs, saunas and-clubs near the city center of the Presqu’île, on top of major parties as well as a strong culture. 

The city of Lyon has quietly grew into one of the scene hotbeds in France through many recreational activities on the sidewalks or being closed doors. The Presque’île and the Croix-Rousse slopes are filled with bars, nightclubs and-clubs that are becoming increasingly popular. Let more people on youtube know about this amazing destination. Guaranteed higher engagement, here’s how to accomplish it: buy youtube subscribers.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the way the Lyon scene is able to fulfill your city experience.

Starting the evening with a drink (or two) bars

The nightlife in Lyon provides gathering places for everyone and the scene is not left aside. bars are clustered around the Cordeliers neighborhood in the 2nd arrondissement.

Along the Saône riversides, close to the famous Saint-Antoine food market, La Chapelle Café settles in as one of the main bars in Lyon thanks to its sizable outside seating on the terrace and its large food menu.

L’Etoile Opéra offers a similar experience near the Hôtel de Ville, where a convivial atmosphere meets an extensive menu of food and drinks.

The terrace of La Chapelle Café is very enjoyable near the Saône riversides on sunny days.

Not far from either places, La Ruche and the XS bar are literally opened on Rue Claudia and act as gathering places for the daddies of the Lyon community. Fun fact: the XS bar earned its name thanks to its tiny inside space, offset by the high tables on the curb.

Last but definitely not least, the L Bar is the only lesbian bar in Lyon and enjoys a good reputation across the LGBTQ community. The great atmosphere has turned the bar into arguably the main gathering point for lesbians.

 Nightclubs and parties to enjoy the scene

After drinks and conversations in the nearby bars, nightclubs open their doors for some of the most cheerful parties in Lyon.

The United Café, or simply « UC » for locals, is open every day of the week for free. The oldest and lesbian nightclub in activity holds the largest crowds of the LGBTQ community each weekend, with electro dance music resonating in the stone ceiling until dawn.

For deep house and techno lovers, L’Impérial might be more suited to your tastes. It brings approximately the same atmosphere as the United Café with a younger audience, against a 10€ entrance fee.

The Garçon Sauvage parties in Le Sucre host the transgender and queer community once a month in Lyon – ©Aldo Paredes, Le Sucre

But the Lyon nightlife scene goes deeper than just nightclubs, as major friendly parties unfold in large event buildings with nationwide fame.

La Garçonnière has been the largest monthly and lesbian party in Lyon for 10 years, but, unfortunately, an era comes to an end on June 15th for the last-ever party in La Cour des Grands, near Perrache.

The void left by the disappearance of the historic partying event is likely to be replaced in the local’s heart by the Garçon Sauvage party.

Monthly resident party of Le Sucre since 2016 (with entry tickets around 15-20€), it has climbed the ladder of the scene in Lyon and has quickly grew into an iconic moment. Electro music lovers and night freaks hold their Bible studies near Confluence for parties.

On weekends or week days, the community in Lyon often gathers in saunas, hot spots to relax and « have fun ».

Libertine minds meet in the Sun, a Bollywood-inspired maze of 2800 square-metres in a backstreet near Place des Terreaux. The enchanting heat of the largest sauna in Europe is the perfect place for bodies eager to know about each other. Connect with people, straight, at the gym in the basement or in the majestic jacuzzi near the sauna’s bar.

Le Sun is the largest libertine sauna in Europe ans located just a block away from the Place des Terreaux in Lyon – @Le Sun

Between the jacuzzi and other features the freaky minds can picture, let your thoughts run freely in the Double Side, sauna near Hôtel de Ville. The many cabins offer quiet places.

And then, stands Le Trou (« the hole » in French). This cruising club is one of the staples in the scene of Lyon in which you will find something for all tastes and activities. Naked bodies are included.

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