High-stakes Gauntlet Match to highlight incredible edition of NXT UK


In the NXT UK must-watch issue, Emilia Mackenzie, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Ginny and Isla Done face off in a Gauntlet Match that will definitely be the NXT # 1 contender. British champion among women Kay Lee Rae.

It’s certainly fair to wonder if Brookside will be allowed to compete after she was brutally assaulted behind the scenes by Amale, who nearly knocked out her newfound enemy before officials finally broke up the scandal.

Mackenzie, 20, who recently returned to NXT UK, recently teamed up with Meiko Satomura for a stunning team victory over Ray and Dawn, but how would a relatively inexperienced competitor handle the wildly unpredictable environment in which Gauntlet operates? Match gifts?

In recent weeks, Don has shown a disturbing new image and willingness to break the rules that were demonstrated during her recent singles win over Mackenzie.

Luna seems to have taken on a new boost since she teamed up with Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster to form Subculture, aiming for the biggest win of her career and the first ever title fight.

Ginny nearly lost her title match against Ray a few months ago, but the cunning fashionista is sure to bring a calculated game plan for hand-to-hand combat with several superstars.


The NXT UK will also host a Heritage Cup match between Nathan Fraser and Noam Dar following a verbal confrontation last week at Supernova Sessions.

Sha Samuels challenged Fraser to a match on Dar’s behalf, setting the stage for a fierce battle between Fraser and the Scottish Supernova.

Also, Mark Andrews of the newly formed Subculture is about to mix up with Levi Muir.

Don’t miss the thrilling NXT UK streaming at 3:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM ET on Peacock in the US and WWE worldwide!


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