How Can Smaller YouTube Creators Start Making Money?

YouTube, which has nearly 2.2 billion active viewers each month, is one of the most effective marketing platforms on the internet. When you search on the internet, you will find 38 million channels on YouTube. So, starting a new channel with vast competition is difficult for smaller YouTube creators like me.

Smaller YouTube Creators Start Making Money

A thought comes to mind of small YouTube creators about how time-consuming it can be to build a channel from the beginning. You may be tempted to purchase one that already has a sizable subscriber base at such a point in life. Yes, it is a good idea.

Still, it fills you with many horrible doubts; sadly, they are all true, but fortunately, I have a great solution for you. Let’s discuss such doubts and their solutions.  

Doubts & Their Solutions

Get an original Channel with amazing stuff

While buying a monetized channel, the first thing that comes to your mind is the content already uploaded on the channel. What if you buy a one, and after a week, you know that the content is not original but copied? What would you do?

This problem has a solution with 100% satisfaction. When you buy a monetized channel from LenosTube, they guarantee you that the channel contains original content with an English voice-over; if you want any other language, they can also provide it. They offer a channel with high-quality videos, a custom design logo, stock footage, licensed music, and custom intro and end screens. Moreover, they provide banners and graphics of the highest quality. So, it is a complete package, a fully optimized channel with 1000 original subscribers. 

What if the audience doesn’t like the new creator

If you buy an already established channel, there are chances that the audience might don’t like your content. It would be best if you bought a niche-specific channel, so you can kick out the stress and become a favorite of your targeted audience with quality content. 

LenosTube offers generic and niche-specific channels; tell them if you have a particular niche. They will provide original content videos related to that niche with the targeted audience. So, you will not feel like an outsider at any point.

Youtube Policy

YouTube does not cause any problem with buying channels, but it does mind when someone violates its guidelines. The content uploaded by LenosTube is original and based on quality, so you will mostly get monetization within 3 to 7 days. 


The biggest problem is scamming. If you’re buying a monetized channel from anyone, keep your fingers crossed that he won’t deceive you. A seller can offer you a monetized channel in exchange for some money. Maybe after a while, he can file a hacking case against you and recover his channel with the assistance of cyber cells. In that case, you will lose both your money and channel.  

Only LenosTube offers you a 100% guarantee; they start a channel according to your demands, run it for days, make you the channel’s owner, and allow you to add your AdSense account. In this way, you feel most secure, and no fear will catch you regarding scams. 

I tried the LenosTube channel, and I am still using their monetized channel to this day. You will not find any problem in this matter. They are so professional and legitimate.  

The Final Thought

Getting a channel with original and unique content, 1000 subscribers, and 4000 hours of watch time makes your life easy. After buying the LenosTube service, you will become an owner of a great monetized channel with 100% security within some days. Thus, your initial stress and struggle have gone forever. You need to pay complete attention to keep the previous content’s quality, originality, and uniqueness. If you follow YouTube guidelines with that strategy, you will earn a lot from your channel. So, good luck in your future endeavors.

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