How to Have a Great Hookup Without any Regrets

The casual dating culture has been rapidly developing and spreading all over the world long before the invention of the Internet. And even though some conservative individuals might say that humanity became open-minded enough to have sex without commitment only a few decades ago…well, let’s just leave them with their illusions alone. The reality is that people have been hooking up all the time; it just became more widespread in today’s world, and having casual dates is no more a stigma.

As time goes by, the hookup culture keeps evolving, making people figure out some rules to follow, tricks to know, and lessons to learn. It’s probably possible to write a three-volume manual with different points one must know when seeking a one-night date. But until it happens, we offer you to go through just a few essential rules of casual dating to ensure you have the best hooking-up experience possible.

  1. Make Sure Your Partner Is on the Same Page with You

It’s true that casual dating implies no feelings and depends on physical attraction for the most part. But still, everything works better when you not only find each other hot but also get along well and have at least a few things in common. It means that regardless of whether you are going to hang out after everything ends and become friends with benefits or plan to never contact them again, you still need to spend some time communicating. Unfortunately, just skipping everything to sex is impossible; life is not a game, after all.

  1. But Where Are Perfect People for Hookups Gather?

To have a hookup without embarrassment and awkwardness during the process and afterward, you must make sure you click. But seeking compatible partners is a pretty tricky task; you need to know places where the right people gather. Going out to local clubs doesn’t sound like a good idea anymore (we all know how it can end).

But hey, we live in the most beautiful time of modern technologies and the Internet, so why bother going out trying to pick up wasted strangers if everything can be done online? That’s how most people think today, and that’s why all known communities take place on the Web using different platforms. Enter any hookup site, and you’ll be impressed by the number of single people hanging out there, seeking someone from their area to have a hot one-night with.

Dating platforms today are crowded with people looking for casual dates or serious relationships, making these communities perfect for seeking someone like-minded. Pick any user, and you’ll be impressed by how many things you have in common. Why is that? Because all people here seek the same, have a similar mindset, and are adventurous! And considering that getting to know someone on a dating platform before hooking up is a lot safer than talking to strangers in person, it’s no wonder why most people date this way.

  1. Creating the Right Scene Before Hooking Up

Now, when the right partner is found (you have enough in common, and after chatting for a few days, you feel ready to get down to business with them), it’s time to prepare for the encounter. Insist on meeting at your place if there’s such a possibility, especially if it’s your first time hooking up. This way, you’ll feel more confident and relaxed, meaning more chances for success.

Preparing your room for the upcoming fun is also important, but it doesn’t mean you should hire a cleaning crew to tidy up your house. Do a little dusting, clean the mess if there is any, and change the bed linens. Make sure your room smells good. Your bathroom should be clean, too. And don’t forget to hide all things you don’t want your new partner to see! Filthy toilet or sink, dirty underwear all over the place, and bad smell could kill the mood in a second, so make sure to clean up just a little bit.

  1. Stay Polite, but Remember to Maintain Dignity

Sometimes things may not go the way we planned, and that’s okay. But no matter what happens, it’s important to maintain dignity.

  • If someone doesn’t answer your messages or refuses to meet during the search on a dating site, don’t take it personally and don’t start arguing or trying to convince them that you’re the one they need. We all have our own unique tastes, including when choosing the partner we want to have sex with, so there’s no point getting angry if someone doesn’t choose us. Instead, keep your search going, reach out to different users, and see that there are many more who want to spend time with you than those who refuse.
  • If something embarrassing happens during the encounter, like you or your partner not enjoying the process or, worse, feeling uncomfortable, offer to stop and have a talk. Even if it’s a one-night stand, talking before and during the process is not just helpful but extremely important. That way, you can understand each other better and learn how to make each other feel good. You don’t have just to endure everything or pretend; you didn’t meet to measure your acting skills. Act like the mature person you are and offer dialogue.
  • When it’s over, even if it didn’t go the way you planned, don’t immediately kick your partner out the door or run off yourself. Even if it didn’t go perfectly, say goodbye without swearing or insults. You don’t want them to talk about you like “that crazy guy/girl I one hooked up with, the worst experience in my life!” You don’t have to go out with that person again, though, but if you got what you wanted, that doesn’t mean you can treat that person like crap. Show some manners and don’t lose dignity. This will make you a nice partner and a good memory, making the experience of this encounter overall positive for both of you.


Learning to have awesome hookups is a long process that takes time. But staying dedicated, civilized, and acting mature will help you big time on this journey.

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