How to Tan Safely and Effectively in Austin

When you ask a dermatologist the safest way to tan, the answer is not to tan. Still, no one wants to look all pale and sick. You want to enjoy the outdoors, right! Yes, you do, but spending hours at a time in the sun does not always give you that perfect tan as it can lead to skin cancer. You only need 15 minutes three times a week to get all the benefits like vitamin D products for a healthy glow. Still, there are some safety protocols you can take as follow.

Avoid Using a Tanning Bed

Yes, it might seem like a great solution, but there are more skin cancer-related concerns about using one. Compared to outdoor tanning, indoor tanning is much riskier because of the intense UV rays. The rays are applied directly to the body.

There are more physical barriers outside to protect your skin from too much UV radiation compared to indoors. Hence, many places have banned using a tanning bed. Not only does it cause harm to the skin, but the eyes form eye cancer, inflammation, or cataracts.

Seek Shade

Yes, it is not an effective way to tan, but getting shade and wearing a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors for hours can prevent severe sunburn and heat exhaustion. For tanning outside, the best is to get in some early sun and avoid UV radiation during peak hours of the day. The best time is before 11 am to 3 pm and varies on where you live. Another important thing is to use a tanning lotion with good UV protection.

The Best Way To Tan Safely

As you can see, using a tanning bed is not the best option for glowing skin. So, what is there for you to do? You can wear your sunscreen, but remember to keep slathering it on. Or, you can invest in a supplement like Polypodium Leucotomos known as Heliocare. You can enjoy a tan outdoors with it, but it helps reduce skin damage from the sun.

Alternatively, one can use a self-tanner at home that is FDA approved. The cosmetics do not penetrate the skin, and no UV rays harm you. But a DIY home tan takes practice if you want your tan to last for a few week. So instead, you can visit Parlor Beauty Bar to have a spray brush tan done.

You can get a custom signature tan, rapid rinse spray tan, or an add-on double dip. The choice is endless. Your tan will last up to ten days at the most and it is a much safer option than spending hours in the sun.

The best of all is with a spray brush tan in Austin. It is affordable, and while you are there, you can enjoy some of the other beauty bar options available. So, you can lay back and have a tan, blow out, lashes, and brows. 

Airbrush Tan is Better Than a Spray Tan

An airbrush tan gives you a unique skin tone you need to look naturally. The beauty technicians spray it on by hand compared to standing in a spray paint booth. It is also stain and streak-free as it contains DHA, a safe organic compound for your skin.

When standing in a spray booth, you need to keep your arms and legs positioned right, or the solution does not spray evenly. So, as you can see, airbrush spray tanning can easily be rectified if there are mistakes with some touchups.

Neither will you have tan lines, and it is the safest and most effective way to tan in Austin.

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