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Jale was kept in the custody of ISIS suspects, Haleem Adil



KARACHI: PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh, who was allegedly injured in an attack by gang warlords, has claimed that he was kept in jail in the custody of accused belonging to a terrorist organization.

According to ARY News, PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh, who was transferred to Central Jail on a court order, also complained of chest pain, on which he was shifted to the National Institute of Cardiology, where the Director Orthopedic also visited and Haleem. Thoroughly inspected Adil.

Sources said that Haleem Adil Sheikh was tortured on his shoulder, neck, hand and other parts while his leg was also swollen due to the torture.

Haleem Adil Sheikh has sustained injuries on other parts of his body including his leg.

Late at night, AR Jamali, head of orthopedics at Jinnah Hospital, arrived for an NICVD check-up. AR Jamali had recommended that Haleem Adil Sheikh be shifted to Jinnah Hospital due to a bone injury.


According to sources, a letter has also been issued to transfer the PTI leader to Jinnah Hospital for treatment. The opposition leader will be shifted to Jinnah Hospital Orthopedic Ward today.

According to sources, the administration has also issued a letter to transfer the PTI leader to Jinnah Hospital for treatment.

Haleem Adil said that as soon as he entered the jail, several gang war elements attacked him and rescued him while he was being subjected to severe torture.

“I was kept in the custody of ISIS suspects,” he added.

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It may be recalled that after the recent by-elections in Malir, the police had arrested the opposition leader and registered a case against him.

Police transferred Haleem Adil Sheikh to SIU on a court order where he was interrogated while a case was also registered against the opposition leader under the terrorism section.

During the court appearance three days ago, Haleem Adil Sheikh had claimed that a poisonous snake was found in his room, which he had killed himself.

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