Jiro and Nese to collide, Hale and Waller set for slugfest on 205 Live


The must-watch issue of 205 Live includes a couple of thrilling singles fights: eccentric Ikemen Jiro takes on the serious Tony Nese, and ardent rookie Asher Hale is set to face fellow rookie Grayson Waller.

The premier athlete dislikes newbies in the first place, and since Jiro has a penchant for antics and showiness during competition, the former heavyweight champion will almost certainly despise his opponent.

Jiro remains unbeatable in the purple brand, teaming up with August Gray for a pair of team wins over Nese and Aria Daivari, as well as The Bollywood Boyz.

Will he be able to repeat his success in a bitter clash with the self-proclaimed 205 Live OG? And will Jiro and Nese’s respective partners, August Gray and Daivari, play a role in the exodus?

205 Live

Waller’s arrogance became evident from the moment he crossed the threshold of his debut match with Sunil Singh last week, as he fluttered and grinned as he headed for the ring and uttered a healthy dose of trash during the match en route to the decisive result. Defeat the former champion 24/7.

Hale has shown mixed results since his 205 Live debut a few weeks ago, beating Tony Nese and Aria Daivari, but also beating Ari Sterling.

Something has to give way as Waller tries to go 2-0, while Hale hopes to recover from the team’s disappointing loss last week against Nese and Daivari. The fight was highlighted by Hale’s inability (or outright rejection?) To be on the same page as Sterling, his convenience partner.

Don’t miss out on the exciting 205 Live, which airs Friday at 10.9 C on Peacock in the US and elsewhere on the WWE!


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