Joe Coffey to collide with Jordan Devlin in highly anticipated rematch on NXT UK


The awesome NXT UK edition will highlight as Joe Coffey engages in a fierce rematch with Jordan Devlin, Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff go to war with Symbiosis and more.

After a violent confrontation in the office of Assistant General Manager Sid Scul, it was decided that Coffey and Devlin would face off in a rematch in which the rest of Gallus were not allowed to enter the ring.

Last month, The Iron King barely beat the Irish ace, but did so in part thanks to a pair of passes from Wolfgang and Mark Coffey, each jumping on an apron to distract the former heavyweight champion.

Now, competing on equal terms, will the arrogant Devlin be able to take revenge and defeat his bruised opponent?

Additionally, Stars and Mastiff will be looking to solve their longstanding issues with Symbiosis when they ditch the Primate and T-Bone in what will undoubtedly suck that won’t be for the faint of heart.


Stars and Mastiff have played 2-0 since forming a unique partnership, though serious critics of Symbiosis may represent their strongest opponents to date.

In addition, Alea James and Xia Brookside will be competing in singles after a chance encounter at the NXT UK Performance Center during the last episode of The Nina Samuels Show last week, and Noam Dar will welcome Tyler Bate to the Supernova Session for what numbers The interviews must be tense, especially with Scottish Supernova winning the Eight Superstars ‘No. 1 NXT British Heritage Cup Contenders’ Tournament recently and is set to challenge a Big Fight later.

Don’t miss the incredible NXT UK, which airs Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and the WWE network all over the place!


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