Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Architecture in Australia!

Where are the best Architecture majors in Australia? Is it still worth studying architectural engineering in 2022? What are the job opportunities in the next few years if you have an education degree that has something to do with architecture?

Find all the answers to the questions above in this article! Try reading this article to the end, and you will be more confident to continue studying at the best Architecture majors university in Australia!

What is an Architecture Major?

Have you ever been curious about public buildings or houses with unique shapes? For example, like the Sydney Opera House in Australia, where do you think the designers or builders got the idea to build a building that looks like that?

Well, it all has to do with the science of architecture! However and wherever the building you see, there must be the involvement of an architect, or who understands architecture, in the design process.

You could say that architecture is a combination of mathematics and business, wrapped in an interesting design concept. If you decide to study architecture, you will not only learn about contemporary building concepts, but also about the development of architectural science, its application, and the basic theories that an architect must possess.

An architect is also often called an artist, because here it takes creativity and accuracy in small details. In addition, a basic understanding of geometry and physics is required in order to make designs that are accurate, safe, and functional.

What will you study for an architecture major in Australia?

If you like to study cross-disciplinary science, studying architectural engineering might be the right choice for you! Throughout your degree in architecture, you will study a variety of disciplines, including mathematics (such as geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus), science (such as physics and engineering), statistics, computer science (for creating 3D modeling and programming). ), and also the arts.

At the end of your course, in addition to having knowledge related to architectural techniques, you will be expected to be able to apply a combination of critical thinking and design thinking, communication skills, leadership, and collaboration in teams.

Architecture study programs may vary from university to university, but generally you will be required to be able to study and master the following:

  • 3D modeling
  • Make a sketch (draft)
  • Engineering (engineering)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Create a series of building dimensions (working drawings)

Well, after knowing what you’re going to study abroad, maybe you’ll still be wondering, is this the best major for you or not. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Do I like learning about math and science?

Do I like to delve into complex situations and find solutions?

Do I like to study multidisciplinary science?

Do I like working on projects together as a team and working long hours?

Still confused? Let’s try to read our article about tips on choosing a university major in Australia.

Why Study Architecture Major?

With the increasing number of people on this earth, and the more diverse needs, both in terms of environmental sustainability to accommodate technological developments, the science of architecture and its practice is becoming more and more developed and interesting. Then, how does it relate to the reasons why you chose to study architecture?

  1. Channeling hobbies as well as being creative

Creativity, channeling your hobbies in drawing and sketching, even in turning your imagination into reality, are only a small part of the many pleasures you will get when studying architecture major.

  1. Travel the world while observing different architectural styles

As an architect, you will have the opportunity to explore many places and build connections with people from different countries.

  1. Get the appropriate appreciation

Not just a building or layout, but being an architect also means that you will design a “house”, a space that will mean a lot to many people where they can feel safe and comfortable. Well, therefore you will be greatly appreciated and get paid accordingly.

  1. Work in a team

Studying and a career in architecture will be very much working together in a team. Indeed, sometimes it will not be easy, but this way you will be able to practice empathy, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills.

  1. Become a TOP problem solver!

Not only designing, but you will also get used to struggling with related data and information. From this data, you will be trained to investigate how to design a space to meet your needs. Trial and error will be your best friend! This process is also known as the design process.

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Why Study Architecture in Australia?

There’s no doubt that Australia hjas quality of education and graduates. Studying at the best architecture university in Australia may even be a dream for some people. Let’s see below about the reasons why we recommend studying architecture in Australia.

  1. Up-to-date curriculum

Building and architecture studies programs at educational institutions in Australia have strict curricula to ensure graduates are job-ready. This includes working on real projects, engaging with stakeholders, and accessing global opportunities.

  1. Many choices

Universities majoring in architecture in Australia generally have many sub-programs of study that you can choose according to your interests. Some of them are landscape architecture, urban development, architectural design, and building and environmental development.

  1. Internship opportunities

You have the opportunity to study while doing an internship in a real company or project, so you can get the latest industry insights directly from experienced architects.

  1. Job opportunities after graduation

More brilliant job opportunities await! Whether you are working on building and architecture in Australia or where you live.

  1. Become a famous architect

You can go one step further to become a recognized architect and have an official work permit in Australia!

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