Join the WrestleMania TikTok challenge now!


Have you ever wanted to meet face to face with the Viper?

Now is your chance to take part in the #WrestleMania competition on TikTok!

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Join over 10.7 million WWE fans on TikTok as you plunge into the graphical WrestleMania game against the likes of Randy Orton, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, Bad Bunny and Xavier Woods!

All you have to do is:

  1. Download WrestleMania background to your phone.

  2. Choose a video of the superstar you want to fight and duet with her.

  3. Select the Green Screen effect and select the WrestleMania background.

  4. Strike a pose and get ready to take on the WWE superstar!

Be sure to use #WrestleMania to join in the fun, and subscribe to WWE on TikTok to learn more about WrestleMania this weekend!

Join the WrestleMania TikTok challenge and step onto the epic stage of them all


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