Killian Dain, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott to take their hostilities to the ring


Cillian Dayne, Isaiah "Collapse" Scott to get your fighting in the ring

The volatile standoff outside the Capitol Wrestling Center between Cillian Dayne as well as Isaiah “Swerve” Scott led to a duel between the two on Tuesday at the NXT.

Continuing to make itself felt throughout the black and gold brand, Hit Row drove up to Drake Maverick, and “Swerve” has little respect for the Superstar outsider.

Dane fought back, replacing his teammate and friend with an odd pair, nose-to-toe with “Swerve” as they exchanged tense barbs.

Can Dyne teach a lesson to Drill? Or will Swerve win another victory with Hit Row on his side?

Check out Tuesday night on NXT at 8/7 C on the US Network!


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