Subculture to challenge Pretty Deadly, Joseph Conners and Jinny to join “Supernova Sessions” on NXT UK


The NXT UK must-watch issue will see a titanic clash for NXT UK team titles as Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster of Subculture challenge Pretty Deadly, while Jeannie and Joseph Conners join Noam Dar. the last “Sessions of supernovae”.

Despite holding gold for 47 days in 2019, Andrews and Webster had a long way to go for the title shot as Sam Stoker and Lewis Hawley often rebuked them when they approached them to inquire about the match.

Whether Pretty Deadly deliberately dodged the subculture remains a matter of controversy, but Andrews secured a championship fight for his team when he chaotically beat Hawley two weeks ago.

The Pretty Deadly have won titles since defeating Gallus in February, but can they fend off one of the most battle-hardened and thrilling tandems in the WWE?

In addition, Ginny and Joseph Conners will be guests of honor at Noam Dar’s always entertaining Supernova Session.

Over the past weeks and months, the vain tandem has made no shortage of enemies, mixing it with the likes of Subculture, Jack Starz and Piper Niven.

Recently, however, Fashionista appears to have targeted Aoife Valkyrie, often taunting the mysterious rival from a distance and continuing to gaze at her new apparent target.

In addition, Assistant CEO Sid Scala will make an important announcement, with Laura Di Matteo to take over Nina Samuels.

Don’t miss the thrilling NXT UK episode airing Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and WWE all over the world!


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