Looking For an AA Meeting in Texas? Here’s a Checklist That Can Be Helpful

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Did you know that one of the red flags of recovery from addiction is failure to participate in an aftercare program? Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy and the first few days after rehab are especially challenging. 

During your stay in the rehab, you will be monitored constantly. But, once you step outside, you are back in the real world. Temptations will be there every step of the way and you will have to cope with these to stay on track. How do you go about it?

The best way is to look for an “AA meeting near me” online if you are staying in Texas, for instance. 

What is the role of the AA in your recovery?

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization dedicated to helping recovering alcoholics stay sober as they transition back to regular life. It requires members to show up for meetings that are held in every state. So, to find an AA meeting in Texas near your home, all you have to do is search on the Internet or use an AA meetings locator.

Blowing off these sessions or simply phoning it in is not good enough. It means you need additional help. Early recovery can be tricky and attending local AA meetings will help you achieve your sobriety goals.

Stress levels can be very harmful to recovery and whether it’s personal or work-related, you need to deal with it. Being a part of these meetings and sharing your personal struggle and vulnerabilities with fellow attendees can be comforting and helpful. 

AA meetings make you feel secure and confident; they acknowledge your struggles and victories. They celebrate milestones when you have achieved sobriety for a certain period. AA encourages you to use a sobriety calculator; that helps you track how many days you have abstained from alcohol. Isn’t that the best way to motivate people who are recovering from something as difficult as alcoholism?

How to choose the right AA meetings for you in Texas

To choose an AA meeting, you need to understand there are different types of meetings. 

  • Open meetings are easy-to-find and admit everyone. Anyone keen to learn more about addiction can attend it. So, you can bring your family members, counselors, and friends to these. Closed meetings are meant only for members who are present because they have drinking problems. Even those who are keen to join the AA can attend them. It is in these that they share why they got addicted, and what made them reach out for help. 
  • Consider the group’s overall demeanor; this can have a huge impact on your recovery. If you find the people around you are not keen to participate or overly depressed, and constantly bickering, it’s best to go to another meeting. You need to be around people who will uplift your spirits, not bring you down further.
  • It’s important to choose an AA group that focuses on listening and expressing rather than obsessing with organizing the meeting. If you want to grow and express your innermost insecurities and fears, you need to be able to communicate these. Attending an AA meeting that offers no scope for individual growth is pointless.

This checklist of factors can be hugely helpful in helping you find the right AA meeting for you in Texas.

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