The Best Workout for Body Recomposition

After years of research What we’ve learned is that the most effective workout for body composition involves one which draws inspiration from two systems that are similar:

‘Peripheral Heart Action’ (PHA) and ‘German Body Composition’ (GBC).

It was invented by Dr. Arthur Steinhaus in the 1940s and then brought to an elite bodybuilding scene by Bob Gadja (a former Mr America/Universe in the 60s) The PHA method was created to ensure that blood circulation is maintained throughout the entire body over the duration of the exercise.

In a similar vein, GBC was popularised by Charles Poliquin in the 1990s after having read the groundbreaking research conducted by Romanian exercising scientist (who was a defector to West Germany during the Cold War), Hala Rambie. Through research, it was discovered that through the increase in blood lactatelevels, the loss of fat can be increased. The higher levels of lactate indicate the release of more growth hormone. This hormone tells your body how to construct muscles and shed body fat that is the basis of body composition! Check out the best Female Personal Trainer San Diego.

What’s the advantages?

Apart from the rise in growth hormone and lactate This first phase of alternate exercises for the upper and lower body has other benefits.

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1. Refrains from localised fatigue.

For those who are just beginning their training, especially novices this is a significant advantage. Although lactate production is essential but we don’t want the lactate to be produced locally. When you pair exercises that are of one muscle i.e. tri-sets, agonist supersets or massive sets, will usually result in technique breakdown and massive reductions in load as well as a couple of issues beginners should to be aware of.

To provide a real-world example pairing incline bench press and squats can be a great option. The combination of incline bench presses with flat dumbbell presses is not a good idea.

2. EPOC (Exercise Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

EPOC basically refers to the “afterburn” effects of training. It can aid in burning more calories after having quit the fitness center. If you’ve done it right, a GBCor PHA session can increase your EPOC for at least 48 hours after.

3. More work capacity

If you’ve never been trained previously, or haven’t taken things seriously, GBC/PHA can bring you to the top of your game as nothing else can.

It is important to stay punctual with your rest intervals. In these times it is important to adhere to 30- 60 seconds intervals between sets, but no longer. It’s at first tempting to take longer breaks but you must keep at it until you have reached the initial capacity to work.

4. High frequency

To master new movements quicker, strengthen and build muscle mass regular exercise is necessary.

GBC/PHA can have you working muscles anywhere from two to four times per week. So it’s no surprise that after 3-4 weeks, the clients are much stronger and more athletic and have significantly enhanced body composition.


5. Set an initial baseline

The best part about GBC/PHA is that it’sn’t just for beginners. No matter what age you’ve been training this is a good thing! We recommend this first phase to bring every client back to basics and establish solid foundations from which to build.

6. More efficient than the typical aerobic

Traditional cardio is focused primarily on weight loss/fat loss, usually damaging muscles and strength. If you follow our strategy with the focus on progressive overload and progressive overload, you will not just shed body fat and lose weight, but develop muscles too.

Try this sample program                                    

Here’s a sample of the best way to apply this strategy and includes exercises for you to try. We’ve included an A as well as a B work out to alternate between, with a break after every day.

This is a great idea in the first stage of the first time trainee. The way you plan your program is based on the fitness level, body fat gender, and work capacity. You could also look for a trainer to help you out with your fitness goals. They usually have a specialized personal training booking software to help you schedule your workouts.

If you’re not sure what any terms mean you should consult our Glossary of Fitness terms.

1. Insufficient rest

A frequent issue we encounter when doing these types of exercises is doing too much rest.

Although it’s a good idea in the abstract to grant yourself just 10 seconds of relaxation however, you’ll notice that your workload will be reduced sharply and your training intensity will decrease.

The principle here is to never compromise quality in the name of the quantity.

2. The incorrect pair of exercises

This isn’t referring to the agonist supersets/tri-sets/giant sets we discussed earlier. It’s more about ignoring the quality that the back of lower part.

If, for instance, you are pairing an upper body push with the upper back pull the worst combination would be back squats that are bent over rows as both of them require a significant amount of strength and stability for the lower back. The best option is to choose the supported row or pulldown version that doesn’t put the lower back in a position to be being stressed.

3. Isolation techniques

This type of training method is about choosing exercises that give you the best value for money..

Although you’ll certainly be slim by doing isolated exercises, you’ll miss out on numerous benefitsthat range from increased mobility, increased muscle mass and increased quantities of EPOC.

4. No exercise tracking

Although we’re in a “fat loss phase,” don’t just view exercising as a way to reduce calories. It’s the only way we have the ability to stimulate muscles-building pathways, which is why it’s vital that progressive overload takes place by ensuring proper tracking of your workouts.

There is a common belief that there is no ideal training program. For our particular clients who are who are going to undergo one of the 12 week changes, we’ve discovered the best way to start the process than the one that’s been described in this article.

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