Looking for YouTube’s Autoplay option?

Google has released updates to its YouTube application on Android along with the Apple iOS operating system last week. One of the modifications of the update was to move the autoplay toggle, which will now be displayed on the YouTube media player.

YouTube users using the web version of YouTube, e.g. using a desktop-based operating system, such as Windows are getting the same update. Google is rolling out the change at present to all users who connect to YouTube via the internet.

The majority of users will get an alert the next time they watch an online video with the message “looking for autoplay? Choose whether videos automatically play next”.

It’s easy to ignore however, and while some users might notice the new toggle on the player’s interface straight away Some may be confused about which button to use for the turn off autoplay youtube and whether it’s been removed.

The autoplay toggle was visible in the sidebar of YouTube’s desktop versions YouTube until recently. Google added the autoplay function on YouTube in the year 2015.

Autoplay is enabled by default. This implies that YouTube will begin to play the next video that is in the queue or the one it has chosen to be watched, in a sequence, when the current video has ended.

Certain users do not like autoplay on YouTube because it plays the new video, which prevents users from interfacing with the latest one or examining other suggestions. If you love to read and post comments on YouTube, autoplay can be a problem.

How do you stop autoplaying on YouTube

Autoplay is now available in the player for videos on YouTube. If you’d like to remove Youtube autoplay all you need to do is click the new icon that displays “autoplay is on/off” when you hover over it. Clicking or tapping toggles the option and the status will show the change in the instant.

YouTube retains the status of autoplay, even if you quit the page or quit the website completely. Be aware that the toggle doesn’t affect the auto-playing of video whenever you access the website, it’s just intended to enable or block autoplaying of the video which is in queue until the current one has ended.

The new feature increases accessibility of autoplay on YouTube and may cause more users to disable the next autoplay feature on the website.

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