What is CMS Magento and its strengths

Today, the market for all possible platforms for creating websites is very crowded. Every year there are many new platforms, designers and CMS, which are aimed at creating a certain category of web resources. Often such systems are not designed to deploy a full-scale online store with hundreds of thousands and millions of items of goods. Also, a young system for creating sites may not be able to withstand the simultaneous load of hundreds of thousands of visitors in a short period of time.

The problem with recently created CMS systems and designers is that, due to the lack of at least 10 years of platform development and optimization history, it can be risky or financially unjustified (unprofitable).

The second common problem of young CMS systems is low adaptability and flexibility due to narrow specialization. At the initial stage, such a question may not arise, or it may seem that this CMS is fully adaptive.

However, it’s good if a lift reverse comes up during development. Projects often suffer high costs when, after a few years, they find that the CMS and template cannot be adapted to current requirements and trends in E-Commerce.

Then you have to plan the development again, look for a new CMS and attract new specialists.

Initially, the right decision would be to choose a CMS system that has a great background in creating similar sites, which has existed for more than 10 years and is constantly maintained and updated.

These CMS systems include only a few: 1C Bitrix, Drupal and Magento. Of all the others, Magento is the most user-friendly CMS to date.

Since its founding in 2007, CMS has rapidly developed and grown. It is still distinguished by its adaptability and flexibility. Both large online stores and forums with a large number of visitors are deployed on Magento.

The best way to cheaply and efficiently develop a reliable website that will remain relevant for a long time is to turn to highly qualified specialists in their field. You can try to find freelancers or gather a staff and start development.

Or you can turn to magento 2 development company, who know their business and guarantee quality work.

There are a number of undeniable advantages of the Magento CMS system. We will look at them in more detail below:

  • High flexibility of the CMS system

The platform makes it possible to create individual sites unlike others. Develop your own design, graphics, arrange blocks of photos and text in the form that you need. This will be useful for creating high converting pages that call for a specific action. All this is possible thanks to Magento’s open source code and access to all CMS features.

  • Possibility of high-quality SEO-optimization

SEO-optimization is one of the most winning traffic sources. in the long run, it gives a high payback and a stable source of traffic. High-quality SEO affects not only the semantic part of the site and its external optimization. SEO is primarily carried out inside the site – in its error-free operation, optimization of its speed and competent page structure.

  • Technical support

When choosing a CMS system, the technical support of the site and its constant updates indicate that the platform is constantly being optimized, tested and improved. Magento technical support will answer all your questions and guarantee the security of sites developed on its platform.

  • Big Community

The Magento community has been formed over more than 15 years of CMS existence. In countless forums and blogs, you can easily find answers to any of your questions.

  • Focus on high sales

Magento was primarily developed as a CMS focused on E-Commerce and high sales. In it you will find a lot of Plugins, Templates and Modules that will allow you to create a site with high conversion. And constant updates and new templates will allow you to always have the most effective marketing techniques on your site.

  • Wide possibilities of integrations

Magento, as a global platform for creating websites, has provided the ability to integrate the API of many global companies and services. Also, thanks to the source code, a programmer can easily integrate his program or application with Magento.

  • High engine power

CMS Magento does not stand still and today Magento 2 has been released with an even more powerful and faster engine. It significantly increased the optimization and speed of work. It should also be noted the high security of the engine and resistance to heavy loads.

As already known, CMS Magento has released its new version of the engine – Magento 2. Now this is the main supported version of CMS Magento. This version is much better optimized both in terms of speed and integration with other systems.

To get all the benefits of the new version, all those who remained working on Magento 1 need to go through the migration process. For a quick and reliable transition to the new version, we recommend contacting specialists at magento 2 migration services.

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