Symptoms, Signs, and Effects of Barbiturates Addiction

Barbiturates are nothing but drugs in the hypnotic and sedative category that is commonly used for anti-anxiety and sedative purposes. Unless prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, consuming barbiturates on one’s own is considered illegal. Barbiturates addiction stems from illegal and ill-advised consumption of the drug!

Apart from managing anxiety and insomnia, Barbiturates are also prescribed for the effective management of some seizure-related disorders. It is also prescribed for sedating patients before surgical procedures. Barbiturates are also prescribed sometimes for effective management of headaches that become chronic. However, in most cases, this category of drug has been replaced by safer alternatives owing to their harmful effects.

Barbiturates are classified as controlled substances because they pose a significant risk of abuse, addiction, and physical dependence. Common Barbiturates include Luminal, Brevital, Seconal, Butisol, and Florinol. Consuming Barbiturates in exceptionally high doses can pose significant side effects that may be potentially serious. Barbiturates can also react with other medications that you might be taking and result in harmful consequences. This is also one of the more important reasons to regulate the consumption of this category of drugs.

What makes these Drugs Ideal Choices for Abuse?

Most commonly, barbiturates are abused because of the pleasant psychoactive effects of the drug. The medication creates effects that are quite similar to alcohol. Some of the common effects include feeling more relaxed, happier, less inhibited, and more talkative. The pills can be crushed and swallowed or even snorted. They can even be injected through intravenous injections.

It is important to understand, however, that abusing this category of drugs is extremely harmful to health. Continuous abuse can lead to severe as well as long-term psychological and physical symptoms. Physical complications and accidental death are also a possibility. Ideally, you should immediately resort to the services of drug rehab near me as soon as a case of barbiturate abuse is detected.

Short-Term Signs and Symptoms of Barbiturates Addiction

Some of the common signs and symptoms of Barbiturates addiction include:

  1. There could be a sense of increased talkativeness and a feeling of unexplained elation.
  2. You could also notice a behavior of reduced inhibition and a sense of impaired judgment as well. It is quite like something you experience when you are under the influence of alcohol.
  3. Emotional fluctuations are also common with this kind of abuse.
  4. There could be a feeling of sedation. Most users would be subjected to a feeling of relaxed being and drowsiness.
  5. You might also notice slurring in speech more often.
  6. There could be a lack of coordination. Falls and tripping would be more frequent.
  7. There could be confusion in thinking about regular matters.

These are some of the basic preliminary signs to look out for, largely for substance abuse and specifically for Barbiturates abuse. To manage matters well, abuse should be managed and controlled before it becomes too difficult to contain. Therefore a vigilant approach is mandatory. We look at some long-term side effects and symptoms that might become apparent if the abuse is not contained in time.

Long-Term Health Complications: Physical

Some of the more common long-term health complications of Barbiturates include:

1) There could be an increased sensitivity to pain and sound, which might become more and more apparent with time.

2) There could be changes in blood pressure.

3) There might be changes and fluctuations in blood pressure.

4) There could be breathing difficulties that become more and more apparent with time.

5) Those consuming Barbiturates over some time can develop the risk of developing serious health conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis.

6) Barbiturates abuse can also result in irregular menstruation in women.

7) Barbiturates can also result in sexual dysfunction.

8) This category of drugs is also known to cause an increased risk of kidney failure in those abusing them.

9) There could be increased incidents of respiratory depression.

10) Overdosing with barbiturates can also lead to accidental and sudden death.

Long-Term Health Complications: Psychological 

  1. Common psychological implications of Barbiturates consumption include anxiety, restlessness, and panic.
  2. Those indulging in Barbiturates abuse can result in problematic mental functioning.

III. Emotional instability is also common in those abusing this category of drugs.

  1. There could be either short or long-term loss of memory.
  2. Insomnia or sleep disorders are common when you are suffering from this drug abuse.
  3. Those under the influence of these drugs can also witness depression setting in before they even know it.

VII. Hallucinations are also common when under the influence of these drugs.

Overall, those affected by the psychological impacts of this medication tend to behave abnormally. They may not be in the best and clearest state of mind all the time. And this, in turn, can hamper their performances in their public and private life!

Health Complications: Occupational and Social Functioning

Some of the common health complications associated with drug abuse and impacting social and occupational functioning include:

  1. Owing to a lack of productive behavior, issues of job loss are common. Lack of concentration could be one of the major reasons for unproductive behavior.
  2. There could be a general loss of interest in responsibilities and hobbies. What excited them earlier may not excite them anymore.

iii. Relationships could become strained owing to erratic and unstable behavior.

  1. There could be a significant trend towards neglecting self-care like diet and exercise.
  2. There could be fatalities, too, stemming from consistent and uncontrolled drug abuse.

The role of a well-equipped Massachusetts drug rehab facility like Daylight Detox Center becomes extremely relevant when dealing with cases of Barbiturates abuse. One needs to understand the importance of seeking drug addiction help at the right time. Before reaching out, referring to the following important points may help.

  1. Women are more likely to be prescribed barbiturates than men.
  2. Barbiturates are also prescribed to elderly individuals in the form of sedatives.
  3. When young individuals are abusing drugs of this category, they are more likely to have sourced it from those who have a prescription for buying these drugs.
  4. Barbiturate abuse is also associated with the abuse of other drugs. Therefore, when there is a suspicion of barbiturate abuse, there is also likely to be a suspicion of other forms of substance abuse.


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