The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass gives us the impression of being natural. It is composed of plastic fibers that help the appearance of grass and has a black rubber base where these fibers are sewn. This backing can be polyurethane or latex.


If you have doubts about artificial grass, here we clarify that it is the best alternative to natural grass. We will tell you 7 of the advantages of installing synthetic turf. Do you want to know them? Read us!

7 Advantages of installing synthetic grass

Here are 7 of the most common advantages of laying synthetic grass:

Saving water

When installing synthetic turf, you save 100% water. You don’t have to water artificial grass; it does not need water to grow. Likewise, you do not need to use fertilizers or chemical products. This way, you will not contribute to contaminating the soil.

Low maintenance

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. That gives you free time for your family, relaxation, or hobbies. You won’t have to spend hours mowing or watering.


Just brush it to keep the fibers clean and upright, and remove any dirt or leaves. It is possible, on some occasions, to wet it for deep cleaning.

Easy installation

Synthetic grass is easy to install. You can place it on tile, cement, soil, or concrete. You only need to prepare the ground, install the artificial turf from the base by gluing it, and cover the surface with silica sand.

Green all year round

With this lawn, you won’t have to worry about watering it. It will be green all year round. Its pleasant and realistic appearance gives a plus; being quite challenging to differentiate it from natural grass at first sight.


In the market, you will find models characterized by their softness, ideal for children, and best of all, their color is guaranteed for years. Its appearance will remain intact regardless of the time of year.


It is weather-resistant; you can install it on tile or concrete, and it will look the same over the years. Its lifespan is high and can last 10 to 20 years.


If it is cold, hot, rainy, sunny, or if pets or children have been playing for long hours, bald spots may occur in some areas, which you can quickly repair.

Suitable for children and pets

This product is ideal for children and domestic pets. In its different models, the acidity in the dogs’ and cats’ urine does not damage it and is effortless to clean. You can use abrasive products as long as they are significantly diluted.


Children can play safely without fearing falling or being bitten by an animal. They will enjoy the texture and sensation this artificial grass gives them on contact.

Ecological and economical

Installing synthetic grass provides two benefits, one ecological, as you save a natural resource such as water, which is so scarce these days, and the other benefit is the economic, as water bills are reduced by up to 70%.


Artificial grass is one of the most widely accepted products for decorating and landscaping. By itself brings many advantages. When selecting it, check the length of the plastic fibers; the longer they are, the more natural they will look, and the more comfortable they will be to walk on. Always look for professionals in synthetic grass to help and guide you in installing this product.

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