Things to Look for Within March Madness Odds

Betting on March Madness is not the same as betting on a regular-season game. The stakes have been raised, the lines have been tightened, and the betting handles have been increased. One of the most googled subjects in March is March Madness odds. Without further ado, here are five tips to remember when you gamble on the craziness. 

Small Favorites and the Moneyline

Consider putting money on the moneyline rather than betting the spread if a team is a -2 favorite or less. These games may be extremely competitive and close. Back door coverings and upsets are also common. You’ll have to spend a bit more for the juice, but you’ll have the security and peace of mind of knowing that all you have to do is win the game. 

You don’t want to gamble on a team at -1.5 or -2 and have them win by a single point. In this case, you lose your wager despite the fact that you would have won if you had taken the moneyline. If you lay a -1 and your team wins by a single point, you push.

If the Totals Change, Make Sure to Bet Smart

If you enjoy betting totals, keep an eye out for large swings when you might profit from an inflated or deflated number. For example, a total of 130 may open at 130 and bet down to 126. Instead, buy cheap and take the over, especially if the advanced metrics show a total around 129 or 130.

Unders can be used in the same way. Also, keep pace numbers in mind. You want sluggish, methodical teams that eat up the clock if you’re betting the under. If you’re betting on the over, look for teams that play quickly and have a lot of possessions, giving them more chances to score. 

Things to Look for Within March Madness Odds
Things to Look for Within March Madness Odds

Watch for Late Line Movement

When it comes to figuring out where the money is going, keeping track of line movement is crucial. Late changes are frequently the most significant since they occur when sportsbooks’ limits are the greatest and sharps’ wagers are the largest. Look for line movement in the final half-hour or minutes before the start of a game. 

For example, suppose a line has been at 7 all day but has dropped to 6.5 in the final minutes before tip. That would indicate that someone with a lot of money is grabbing the points with the dog. Also, keep an eye on juice pricing to see what will happen next. Maybe you’re a fan of a dog at +6.5 and the juice has moved from -110 to -115. This indicates a likely dip to +6, indicating that you should grasp the hook as soon as possible before it falls. 

Choose the Title Winner First

It’s not only about betting on individual games during March Madness. We all enjoy filling in brackets. You must stand out from the crowd in order to win your bracket. If you go chalk-like everyone else, you’ll blend in with the throng. The majority of individuals start filling up their brackets from the outside, with the Round of 64. 

Start from the inside and work your way out instead. Why? Because scoring schemes award more points as each team progresses. A one or two-point victory in the opening round is possible. A win in the Elite 8, Final Four, and title, on the other hand, might be worth 8, 10, or 12 points. This means that the most significant selection you make is the one that wins the tournament. 

Make Sure to Line Shop

Make sure you have access to numerous sportsbooks so you can shop for the best line, regardless of who you bet on during March Madness. You are at the mercy of whatever number they are providing if you only bet via one book. Instead, have numerous outs and put your wager at the book with the greatest odds. 

Perhaps your favorite team is Purdue. They’re -7 in your book, but -6.5 in another. You push if they win by seven points. However, if you had shopped about and found -6.5, you would have come out on top. Look for lower juice and an extra half-point on totals. It can mean the difference between a victory, a defeat, or a tie.

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