What’s streaming this week on Peacock and WWE Network


An incredible all-new documentary completes a lineup of new and original programs airing this week exclusively on Peacock in the USA and on WWE network elsewhere.

First on Wednesday, Wwe the bump broadcasts live and welcomes future husband and wife NXT to the studio, Dexter Loomis and Indie Hartwell

Watch a brand new episode on Thursday NXT UK with Wolfgang against. Sam Gradwell in the tournament’s quarterfinals to determine the next contender for the NXT UK Heritage Cup and an epic six-man team match. Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith and Saxon Huxley against Symbiosis. Plus, relive the historic NXT UK Championship meeting between Ilya Dragunov and WALTER from NXT TakeOver 36 generally!

Ending the week of Friday, WWE celebrates the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with an all-new documentary, Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11… Hear from superstars like “Stone Cold” by Steve Austin, Curt Engle, Edge and many more as they remember being involved in one of the most emotional and patriotic episodes of SmackDown in WWE history just two days after the attacks.

Check out the full list of premieres below. The WWE network, including all PPVs, is available in the United States exclusively on Peacock Premium for $ 4.99 – saving $ 5 a month. Details are available at PeacockTV.com


The WWE Network, with over 10,000 hours of video-on-demand, is available to WWE fans in over 180 countries outside the US at: WWENetwork.com

Schedule this week
** = available in the free version of WWE Network

Monday September 6th
Raw Talk ** – 11:05 pm ET

Wednesday 8 September
Monday Night Raw (08.21.21) **
WWE’s The Bump ** – 10:00 AM ET
WWE NXT (09/07/21)

September 9, Thursday
This week at WWE

Friday September 10th
Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11 **
205 Live – 22:00 ET

Saturday 11 September
WWE Main Event (08/19/21)
Talking taste **
Fight Club ICW 188
Chapter 121.

Sunday 12 September
Friday night SmackDown (08.13.21) **


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