What Is The Right Size of a Zorbing Ball For You

You might have seen different sized human bubble balls out there while you play sports outside.   And if you have decided to purchase the Zorb ball for ultimate joy, it is equally important you get the size according to your weight, height and size.

Without knowing about the accurate Zorb ball size, chances are you do not get the best of the best experience of zorbing. You might have already heard that you should always choose a zorbing ball by keeping your age, height and weight in mind.  Zorbing can be done in laws, parks or at any ample place. However as a tip, you should check your Zorb ball thoroughly about any puncture or wear and tear cases due to collusion before you get inside. 

In this guide I will tell you the size range in the Zorb ball and how you should pick the one that is just right for you. Keep reading!

Zorb Ball Size Dimension

If you talk about the regular Zorb ball size and its diameter, the regular orb is about 3 meters which becomes 10 feet in diameter and the inner orb size of about 2 meters which becomes 6 feet 7 in), leaving a 50 to 60 centimeter that is  20 to 24 inches for air cushion around the  Zorb rider. The plastic used for the Zorb ball is at least 0.8 millimeters thick which becomes 0.03 inches.

Zorb Ball Size Ranges

It’s a moment of privilege that you have multiple sizes range in a Zorb ball. It readily indicates that everybody is welcomed to rock and roll in the Zorb ball. Below are the most common and sellable Zorb ball size ranges that you should know before buying one.

2.1m Zorb balls

This size range of Zorb balls is dedicated for a single rider only. The internal dimension of the Zorb ball is kept approximately 1.8m and hence it goes well for the rider that has the height up to 5’9″.

2.5m Zorb balls

Zorb balls that have the size of 2.5m are also best for only one rider (single user) however that makes them slightly different from the first one is the height limit. In this ball users up to 6’1 inches of height can easily get within. The internal ball or area has approx. 2m interior.

3M Zorb balls

Zorbing balls that have the size of 3M are best for deal usage with two users simultaneously. Additionally it allows riders who have heights up to 6″6 inches. The internal space of these Zorb balls is about 2.5m.

Small Body Zorb balls 

As the name says, the small Zorb balls are better suitable for young kids of 14 years of age and the height for the rider should be up to 5’6″ inches.

Medium Body Zorb balls

These human bubble balls are also best for young kids and teenagers with the height limit of up to 5’12” inches.

Large Body Zorb balls

Large Body Zorbing balls are designed for adults beyond the height of 6 feet and the chest of 50+ inches. Certainly the name itself indicates a hearty size and spacious inner area.

How Old You Have To Be For Zorbing?

Zorbing is fun but sometimes, it can be uncontrolled for its rolling downhill and faster speed. You should keep the instructions and guidelines in mind while you Zorb around but the initial age for zorbing is 5 years or more. Riders who are less than five years old should refrain from zorbing.

Who Can Fit In The Ball?

Luckily, Zorb balls are available in different sizes from huge to extra large. If you fall into the category of zorbing riders, you should definitely try out this lifetime experience. For zorbing, the weight limit is 125 kgs which becomes 275 lbs. However, if you are rather obese or have any medical condition like Asthma or hypertension, getting inside the ball, rolling and running aggressively can be a challenge.

Is zorbing expensive?

Zorbing is a great sport but is also pretty demanding in money.  While it is not necessarily expensive in the first place, it is often regarded as an expensive sport especially for its location, dedicated tracks and damage compensation in case of any injury, that is one of the parts of zorbing.

The price can readily differ depending on your area and more. As for the Zorb ball, you can buy from hot sales and any online store that offers you high-quality and best balls at a reasonable price.

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