What job categories do people searching Rare Books jobs look for?

Do you love to spend your time with rare books? Then you should think about securing a job related to rare books. This will help you to enjoy what you do on a daily basis. One of the best things about rare books jobs is that there is something for everyone. You just need to understand the most prominent categories related to the rare book’s jobs. Here’s an overview of the jobs that are available for you to consider.


Returning books and other things to their appropriate locations on the shelves is generally the responsibility of pages. They’re also in charge of maintaining everything in the correct order. Some may be in charge of collecting things from secured locations, while others may be in charge of checking items back in. Page positions are often part-time and pay between $5.15 and $8 per hour.

Library assistants 

Library Assistants or Technicians typically do clerical jobs and are sometimes mistaken for librarians since they are the first-person customers encountered because most libraries’ checkout desks are located near the entrance. Checking materials out and in, collecting fines and fees, answering general phone queries, issuing library cards, processing new library materials, and assisting with things on reserve are all common tasks for library assistants. Part-time and full-time library assistant positions are available, with pay ranging from $8 to $15 per hour.


Librarians assist individuals with homework and research problems, make purchasing and discarding decisions, provide programs and training, assist people with using the internet, and construct websites, among other things. Specialized librarians may manage computer systems, assist with elderly and non-English speakers, specialize in a particular topic area, or keep track of the online catalog’s data. Although most librarian employment are full-time, most libraries rely on a core of part-time and “substitute” librarians to assist cover the numerous hours that libraries are open. In 2003, the average beginning pay for a full-time new librarian was $37,975, compared to $43,090 for all librarians in 2002.

Library managers

Department heads, branch managers, and assistant/deputy/associate directors are examples of library managers who are generally intermediate managers in charge of departments or other functional areas such as “all library branches.” They may be in charge of work schedules, personnel assessments, training, and budget management as managers. Branch managers, in particular, may be given extra director-like tasks, such as monitoring the facility’s condition or participating in community groups and initiatives.

Administration professionals 

Administration professionals are there in support of the institution’s goal, offers leadership and oversight for the special collections, rare book, manuscript, or archive departments. In addition to subject expertise in the collections and understanding of copyright law, administrative jobs may involve experience managing budgets, applying for grants, human resources, projects, and stewarding benefactors.

Public services 

Positions in reference, instruction, and outreach are available in the public sector. Reference interviews can be conducted in person or via email. The reference staff assists patrons in locating the resources they want. Reference staff can also make changes to their library’s online guides and webpages to help visitors understand how to utilize the facility. Teaching classes how to utilize a library’s unique collections or partnering with a teacher to use materials to teach pupils about a certain subject are examples of instruction. 

Planning activities to raise awareness of special collections libraries and how customers can access the contents are examples of outreach. Posting on social media, providing talks, tours, and anything else that helps people understand what is in the collection and how they may utilize the library are examples of outreach.

Technical services providers 

Technical Services jobs in rare book cataloging, archive processing, digital system creation and maintenance, metadata, collection administration, and records management.

Collection development 

Positions in collection development for rare books, archives, and special collections in a range of fields and media are available. Obtaining items from donations, auctions, or bookstores is a common task for collection development roles. It also entails weeding out obsolete materials from the collection. These roles frequently need expertise of the collection’s subject areas.

Rare book preservation 

Positions in rare book and manuscript conservation, collections conservation/preservation, reformatting, and digital archiving are all available in the field of preservation.

Digital curation of rare books 

Positions involved in the selection, preservation, maintenance, and archiving of digital assets are known as digital curators.

Digital scholarships 

Positions that support, develop, and cooperate on initiatives that use new media and technology to improve study and education are known as digital scholarship.

Other related professionals 

The major leadership function in the library is that of the library director. Preparing and overseeing the budget, developing employment and service policies, strategic planning, public and governmental relations, reporting to the governing board or official, ensuring compliance with laws, fundraising, hiring, motivating, and firing staff are all examples of typical responsibilities. Depending on the size of the library, the director’s responsibilities and remuneration might vary significantly. With a salary of $20,000, the director of a small rural library might be the only regularly scheduled employee, compared to $175,000 for the director of a major metropolitan library with hundreds of staff.

In libraries, other professionals can play an important role. Jobs in public relations, accounting, and human resources, as well as network administration, facilities management, transportation services, and security, are examples. Pay varies greatly based on the size of the company.

Final words

These are the most prominent job positions available for the people who are interested in working along with rare books. You may keep this as the base and start looking for job vacancies out there. If you come across an interesting position, don’t think twice before you get yourself enrolled on it. Then you will be able to end up with getting the maximum returns at the end of the day.

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