WWE NXT UK results: April 29, 2021


Teoman def. Rohan Raja

It’s safe to say that Teoman caught the attention of his fellow NXT UK Superstars.

The relative newbie stands out from the pack with his quirky march to the ring and mesmerizing themed music, but what happens inside the square of the circle during his matches is far more disturbing than any exit could ever be.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 29, 2021

Teoman, who usually makes the NXT UK Universe flinch due to his tendency to trample the elbows and knees of his opponents mercilessly, decisively crossed the line during his match against the debuting Rohan Raji.

Capturing Raju with his crosshair, Teoman turned back with all his might and broke his opponent’s left arm. When the Raja sought medical attention, Teoman grabbed a microphone while standing over his wounded opponent, inquired aloud if the Raja was “stupid or brave,” and vowed that “the eye is watching.”

Sid Scala Announces # 1 Contenders Match for NXT UK Women’s Title

Kay Lee Rae called herself “Champion Forever” a while ago, but for now it’s fair to wonder if this is more than just a cool nickname.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 29, 2021

During an in-ring meeting with NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid the Rock, Scary Queen of Scots reminded the WWE Universe that she is the longest-running female WWE champion and fired all would-be champions.

Scala then announced an upcoming Five-Women Gauntlet Match featuring Ginny, Isla Dawn, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna and Emilia Mackenzie to determine the # 1 contender for Ray, who pledged that “none of you are good enough to beat Champion Forever. … “

Sha Samuels def. Levi Muir

After Sha Samuels teamed up with Noam Dar in a losing match against Mustache Mountain last week, he wanted to shake off his frustration with Levi Muri. Mission Complete.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 29, 2021

Muir used his impressive speed to catch the larger Samuel off guard several times, but Samuels relied on his brute strength (and face rake) to regain control, and he finished off Muir with a jarring ridge to win.

Meiko Satomura def. Aoife Valkyrie

In recent weeks, the undefeated Aoife Valkyrie has twice confronted the legendary Meiko Satomura, even symbolically laying a feather on the floor, looking at the best in the world and not hiding her desire to join the battle.

The Valkyrie greeted Satomura with a bow of respect, but Satomura showed no mercy to her less experienced adversary, striking her in the jaw with his right forearm during a rope cut at the start of the journey.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 29, 2021

Satomura caught the Valkyrie with an agonizing grip on the leg, but the Valkyrie demonstrated her resilience by reaching for the bottom rope to make it break and later kicking her after being kicked in the head by the Last Boss.

Satomura tried to kick as well when the Valkyrie made a flawless lunar assault, and the “World’s Best” triumphed with DDT, hitting the back of the head and finally “Scorpion Rising.”

After the match, Satomura helped Valkyrie to her feet and bowed to her as she exited.

Gallus def. Symbiosis

Given that Gallus and the newly named Symbiosis recently got caught in a stunning Donnybrook on the set of Supernova Sessions, it only made sense that six superstars collide in what was almost guaranteed to be an excruciating brawl.

And indeed, the NXT UK main event had more than its fair amount of ferocious hayfields, but that doesn’t mean the six-man hand-to-hand combat was without some clever strategy, as Symbiosis used a series of cunning tags to isolate Joe Coffey from his angle.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 29, 2021

Coffey lunged at Wolfgang, who hit all three of his opponents with a dizzying combination of fists, clothesline and stomp, and the same thing happened when Wolfgang invited Mark Coffey to fight.

With all six members battling in and around the square, Joe Coffey sent the Primate into a corner with Glasgow Sendoff and tattooed him All the Best for the Bells for a hard-earned victory.


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