WWE NXT UK results: June 24, 2021


Ilya Dragunov, Rampage Brown, Joe Coffey throw and others: NXT UK Review, June 24, 2021.

The top three NXT UK players lose in the Triple Threat Match, Teoman battling Oliver Carter and others. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Mark Coffey def. Sha Samuels

Gallus acknowledged that all three contestants are competing in a “friendly competition” in singles, and with Wolfgang defeating Sam Gradwell heads-up last week, Coffey really kept up with Sha Samuels in a scrum.

Samuels had Coffey staggered with a fierce slap to his spine, but Gall’s Clay fought the pain to crush his foe with a vicious blow to the head and an even more brutal back elbow to the jaw to earn victory.

After the match, Coffey raised both index fingers to show that he and Wolfgang had recently won singles.

When Joe Coffey was gearing up for the NXT UK’s No. 1 Triple Threat Match in the main event, was this just the beginning of a big night for Gallas?

Stevie Turner, def. Laura Di Matteo

Stevie Turner is clearly not one of those who love sports.

She spent a significant portion of her match taunting Laura Di Matteo, first chuckling at Di Matteo’s early attempts to match strength, then throwing her neck into the ropes and pulling her hair.

Di Matteo showed courage, fighting back with a quick succession of hard punches and even avoiding submission.

Nevertheless, Turner stepped back from the stubborn striker, pulled her hair onto the canvas again and slammed her face into the canvas to win.

Teoman def. Oliver Carter via dispatch

Perhaps the most terrifying and downright creepy member of NXT UK, Theoman has proven why he really should be feared, both during breaks and long after the show ends.

Carter began the match as if he had been fired from a cannon, unloading Teoman with a few hard blows before jumping over the top rope and destroying his opponent on the ring floor.

Vicious as ever, Theoman bombarded Carter with a DDT tornado, and when Carter kicked out, Theoman immediately went into crossface to force the withdrawal.

When Carter found himself in dire straits and was again trapped by Theoman after the call, Rohan Raja threw himself into the square circle, presumably to help Carter.

Instead, after staring at Theoman, the Raja began to bring his right arms down on Carter before tossing him onto the rug. In the aftermath of the attack, the Raja followed Teoman backstage, seemingly swearing allegiance to the same man who broke his arm a few weeks ago.

Ilya Dragunov, def. Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown in a triple threat match

Considering that Ilya Dragunov, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown came close to winning the UK NXT Championship against the seemingly invincible WALTER like no other, it only made sense that three tough athletes participated in a tough Triple Threat Match with the aftermath of the championship.

Coffey hit Dragunov with his lariat and may have come close to victory, but Brown knocked him out of the square of the circle and dropped him with a powerlam on the floor at the ring. Moments later, Brown tossed Coffey to Doctor Bomb, but Dragunov interrupted the count.

Dragunov broke free when Brown followed another Doctor Bomb and struck Torpedo Moscow, letting out a harrowing battle cry and sobbing with relief and delight after the decisive count to three.

After Dragunov’s victory, WALTER calmly entered the ring. Although initially showing respect for the winner, he suddenly tattooed The Mad Russian with an inexorable slap, locked him in a grip and kept the championship in the air with one foot on Dragunov’s chest.

While Dragunov is haunted by memories of his first horrific fight with Walter, can he finally win The Ring General’s NXT UK Championship?


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