Benefits of Renting a Serviced Apartment

One of the most common concerns that tourists have when visiting a foreign country is finding accommodation. Tourists are often confused between hotels, guesthouses, and serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are also known as extended stay hotels because they provide various services such as housekeeping, maintenance, and front desk service to guests who stay for a week or longer. Renting a good house like the penthouse apartment will save you money because most serviced apartment provides free WIFI, Cable TV, and laundry service. The following advantages of serviced apartments will help you understand why it is important to rent one.


One of the reasons that many people prefer staying in serviced apartments is that they are situated close to tourist attractions, shopping centers. The convenience offered by serviced apartments ensures that you do not waste your holiday time traveling from your home to the city.


Most serviced apartments are built to accommodate long-term guests, which means that you do not have to settle for a hotel room with fewer facilities if you are staying for a week or longer. The spacious and well-equipped kitchen in serviced apartment ensures that you can buy food items from local supermarkets and prepare your meals. The washing machine and clothes dryer are also useful if you want to travel light.


Serviced apartment complexes normally have guards who not only act as security but they can help you with luggage if required. This ensures that the guests feel safe even if they go out of the complex on their own for sightseeing or shopping.


A serviced apartment might seem more expensive than staying in a hotel, but when you consider the free services offered such as WIFI and Cable TV, you will appreciate that renting a serviced apartment is very affordable. In many countries, serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels because the cost of living is lower.


If you are traveling on your own or with a family, renting an apartment will allow you to have a home away from home. The fact that most serviced apartments provide laundry service means that you do not have to travel with dirty clothes and wait for them to be done before they can be ironed.

Saves on transport

When you stay in a hotel, you need to pay for transportation if you want to travel outside your hotel. If you choose to rent an apartment that is located close to tourist attractions and shopping areas, then traveling becomes very easy as public transport such as buses and trains are easily available. This means that the money saved on transport will be used for other expenses such as shopping, entertainment, and dining out.

Renting a serviced apartment will ensure that your stay is pleasant and comfortable because you can use all the services offered by the complex such as laundry service, WIFI Internet access, and Cable TV. This ensures that you do not spend too much money on activities that are not important to you. As seen from the above discussion, there are many benefits of renting a serviced apartment which makes it a great alternative option if you want to have a perfect holiday with your family or friends.


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