Ilja Dragunov to defend NXT UK Title against A-Kid


NXT UK will lead an epic title fight as Ilya Dragunov defends his first NXT UK title from A-Kid.

Two months ago, Mad Russian did the impossible at NXT TakeOver 36, withstanding an unimaginable punishment from WALTER, but somehow surviving The Ring General and winning the draw to claim the NXT UK Championship.

The previously exhausted Dragunov, whose body was covered with battle scars from a terrible encounter with the “Austrian anomaly”, issued a battle cry at the end of the match and recently announced that he was happy for the first time in a long time.

Case in point: Dragunov nearly salivated when Assistant CEO Sid Scala presented the idea of ​​the Mad Russian defending his recently won championship against the winner of the Triple Threat Match between A-Kid, Nathan Fraser and Rampage Brown.

And in a frantic fight in which any of the three could easily become the No. 1 contender, the opportunistic child received a hard-earned needle.

Ay-Kid, a former NXT UK Heritage Cup champion, recently took part in a sit-down interview with Dragunov and suggested that the new title holder probably emptied his tank in the war with Walter and may have nothing more to leave for his first championship defense.

Despite the tension in the double interview, the champion and challenger shook hands at the conclusion of the interview, setting the stage for an ongoing battle for the prestigious NXT UK title on Thursday.

In addition, at the request of Stevie Turner, Scala agreed to overturn Blair Davenport’s suspension. Turner was ruthlessly ambushed by Davenport a few weeks ago and is trying to get some of her attacker. She will have a chance on Thursday when the two superstars finally collide.


Plus, after a recent backstage altercation, the high-flying Flash Morgan Webster and the powerful Sha Samuels are ready for a hot fight.

Don’t miss the awesome NXT UK episode airing Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and WWE all over the world!


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