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What is PRINCE2?

Project management using the PRINCE2 process-based technique is a certain way to get your career off the ground and keep it that way. All across the globe, it is known as Projects IN controlled environments. With the most recent version to the framework, PRINCE2 is even more customizable for any project you take on.

What is ITIL and why is it important?

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a collection of books outlining a set of guidelines for providing IT services. Since its inception, ITIL has undergone several updates, with the present set consisting of five volumes, each of which covers a different process or stage in the IT service lifecycle. Risk management, client interactions, cost-effective procedures, and a stable IT environment may all be achieved with ITIL’s methodical approach to IT service management.

  • Organizations can profit from the use of PRINCE2.
  • Because of your organization’s use of PRINCE2, your projects will get the following advantages:
  • Consistent and common methods
  • A beginning, middle, and end that are all well-managed and organised
  • Periodic assessments of achievement toward goals
  • The project will continue to be financially viable

According to a 2018 Pulse of the profession study from the Project Management Institute, organisations who invest in proven project management methods have better success than those that do not. According to AXELOS’s 2019 Power of Professional Certification research, certification has a positive influence on productivity and employee satisfaction, with 97 percent of decision-makers sprintzeal saying so.

What are the advantages of ITIL for a business?

  • IT and the business must be more closely aligned.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and service delivery
  • Savings through better use of available resources
  • Improved visibility of IT expenses and resources.
  • Improved control of business risks and service failures and interruptions
  • The ability to enable continuous business transformation in a more reliable service environment

BMC’s Best Practice Insight Booklets, which give practical ideas for your organisation and deeper explanation of the benefits of ITIL, outline the framework’s five stages and 26 process categories.

Using both PRINCE2 and ITIL at the same time

They can be used individually, but they work best when together. Putting ITIL into practise throughout a whole company is effectively turning it into a “project,” for example. The full management process may then be handled using PRINCE2. Using the approaches learnt throughout the certification process, ITIL integration is guaranteed to be successful. Businesses and IT workers can benefit from a better understanding of how the two can operate together.

The procedures for obtaining a job

PRINCE2’s certification procedure is described in the following manner:

Courses for IT professionals offered by PRINCE2 span many days and provide unique educational possibilities. Professionals can begin by studying for the practitioner certificate, which teaches them the basics of the PRINCE2 framework. For individuals who want to become consultants or trainers, this is a great tool.

It is suited for people who need a basic grasp of the project management technique and are looking for a certification that teaches the fundamentals of the framework. Team leaders and people who are seeking a career in project management may benefit from this training.

Preparation for Practitioners: This stage is for people who have already completed the foundation certificate but wish to move on to the practitioner level. The stage explains how theory may be used in real-world situations.

This shorter course is meant to offer members of a project board or essential stakeholders an understanding of the methodology’s background and purpose.

ITIL certification is a two-step process:

There are a variety of ‘Lifecycle modules’ that may be used in ITIL. These cover a wide range of topics and are extremely in-depth.

Some certifications can stand on their own, such as the ITIL core lifecycle business and management knowledge qualification. IT service offering can also be improved as a result of its implementation.

The importance of these credentials should be considered by IT workers, and the long-term career advantages they provide. Despite the fact that they have unique variations in terms of qualification and application, they can be combined.

Training And Certification of PRINCE2

  • PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation

An individual who holds the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation certification demonstrates a comprehension of the PRINCE2 methodology and is qualified to operate in a project management group employing the methodology.

  • PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner

There is no requirement for a PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner certification, although it is recommended for those who want to learn more about the approach before applying it to an actual project.

  • PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation

It was issued in June 2018 and certifies that the bearer has appropriate knowledge and comprehension of the PRINCE2 method and agile style of working and how agile may be used with the PRINCE2 methodology.

  • PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner: demonstrates the ability to use agile ideas like Scrum and Kanban in conjunction with the project management principles of PRINCE2.

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