Riddle joins MSK on NXT 2.0 to call out Imperium


Weight Lee & Nash Carter regained their swagger thanks to the “Primordial Shaman” Mysteryand they are now ready to apply his lessons to the Imperium.

MSK was out of sorts after losing his titles to the NXT Tag Team Marcel Bartel and Fabian Eichner in Halloween Havoc, embarking on an epic journey to find your shaman and get your mojo back. Transferring his knowledge to MSK, Riddle will continue his mentorship, accompanying Lee and Carter and making his first appearance on NXT in a year to confront the Imperium.

Is there anything that could prevent MSK from reclaiming the NXT Tag Team titles? Check out what the trio has planned for Imperium on Tuesday night at NXT 2.0 at 8/7 C in the US!


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